Federal power is turned off




Federal power is turned off and IT system set up again to clear the compromised network Bundestag, are large parts of it off in the summer and set up again. Currently, the more secure network derBundesregierung is used. For three weeks now no more data is stolen. Because the hacker attack on the federal IT system of the Parliament must be shut down for several days. A spokesman for the Bundestag against the news agency dpa confirmed information from Spiegel Online, which the Neuaufsetzung the IT system will start in the parliamentary summer recess. In an e-mail Bundestag President Norbert Lammert (CDU) wrote on Thursday to MPs: "This will result in a certain time still not accurate limitable phase means that the entire IT system at the seat of the Bundestag for probably 4-5 days will not be available. " For three weeks now we have not anything unusual but endeckt data transfer more. In addition, should the federal government get "their own security systems" and operate autonomously, Spiegel Online quoted the Bundestag President Lammert. Currently, the more secure network of the Federal Government will use IVBB (Information Network Berlin-Bonn). In IVBB network are blocked for security reasons about 100,000 websites. But if it were a temporary solution, Lammert said. Much remains unclear, the attack on the IT systems of the Bundestag was discovered according to the minutes of the ICT Commission on May 8, 2015. First, an unusually large amount of data on a server is detected. Four days later, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of the so-called secret protection organization of the Federal Administration announced a connection to a suspicious IP address from the network of a provider who is known for criminal activity. For the analysis of the case, the company BFK was called EDV-Consulting from Karlsruhe by the Bundestag next to the BSI. According to the company, a malware called Sofacy was found on the Bundestag computers. The IT security company FireEye had assigned a group Sofacy APT28 closely with the Anonymous Acts, which is a Russian - to act German criminal organization. At the conclusion reached by the parliamentary group of the Greens, who had made himself an analysis. All the hardware need not be replaced "to draw conclusions From this, however, is premature," said a company spokesperson BFK-Golem.de. Because the Sofacy-Malware is the net available for free, virtually everybody could thus be used for attacks. He also stressed that it is for attackers easy to let an attack look as he came from a particular country, for instance by certain strings appear in a malware, or by the time in which one is active, targeted a specific time zone adapting to throw suspicion on others. Also reports that all of the hardware of the Bundestag needs to be replaced, are exaggerated. In the ICT Commission report is of no question, and also the spokesperson for the BFK EDV-Consulting confirmed Golem.de, his company had found no evidence of an infection by Bios-Malware.

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